Shorter is Better – The shorter your domain name is then the easier it is for your visitors to remember, the easier it is for your visitors to type, and the easier it is for your visitors to tell others about your domain name. All of these are good things.

Brand Appeal – A quick way to test if your domain has commercial appeal or marketability is if you think that the domain name will look good up on a poster, business card, side of a vehicle or in a commercial. This is especially important if you are looking for a business domain name but it is of course important for personal domain names as well.

Easy to Type – The easier the domain is to type then the better the domain will be.

Easily Understood – When someone reads or hears your domain name for the first time then they should be able to easily understand what your website is all about. Of course, there is often a give and take between trying to find a domain that is easily understood and one that is branded as well.

Unique – The more unique a domain name is then the easier it is to remember. Stay within the constraints of the other rules when searching for a unique domain name but if you can be clever and pull it off then finding a unique domain name can pay off handsomely for years to come.

Talk to others – If you have a business partner or a friend then use them to bounce some ideas around. Start by thinking of your ideal domain name and then throw out as many words and combinations of words related to that ideal domain name as possible. Sooner or later you are bound to have a flash of genius and find a great domain name.

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