Price Guide

Hello, the first question is always, how much will it cost?

The answer to this question is not a single figure, nor is there a standard equation to determine the costs. Ultimately, a web site for a business or any organisation is not about cost - it's about value.

There are of course a couple basics that everyone will need to pay for;

  • A domain Name
  • Your Web Hosting

Once you have your web space and domain name, you will need a site and this is where costs can really vary. It ultimately depends on the size and complexity of the site needed. For a basic brochure or Joomla site I have set up a table of features below that cover all the basic essentials for any web site, for customised versions of either I can only provide a rough guide as it really comes down to what you want and how long it will take to build.

Pricing starts at only £ 150.00 for a brochure website, regardless of what you wants as it will take a day's work and a bit for whatever you want, as all the sites I do whether from a standard template or customised do require me to find out what your business is about so that your website can be optimised from the start. Basically, your website  needs to be found by your customers at the end of the day.

The best way to get started, contact me through the contact form or phone to discuss or email me with what you are looking for. It is simple, if I cannot design or provide you with a website that meets your needs I will let you know.

The initial consultation will cost you nothing; once your requirements have been identified a quote will be provided for the design work and a timescale for completion. If this is satisfactory, work will begin on your site and when the design is ready your website will be loaded up to a temporary domain where you will be able to review the design and suggest any changes and once it is fully approved we will upload it to your chosen web hosts site. If you live near to us, we can meet up to review design changes.

For domain name registration or hosting, if you need to have that as well, once again contact me as it will depend on what budget you can afford , more importantly, what do you actually need?  I can help!