Welcome to Keimos!
Looking for a web designer who can help you to get your website designed and published to the web? Then I can help using a web design created and implemented using one of the most powerful and flexible content management systems available. Contact Us to find out how a new website by Keimos can benefit your business!
The Design Process
This is the most exciting part of a web design project as it includes the colour scheme, graphical elements, background and other changes that are made to the underlying base template. This allows me to create a uniquely customised website that reflects the personality, market branding and character of your business.
Working with Templates
A template is simply the portion of a CMS website that controls how your content and site layout will look and feel on the web. Essentially, it's the presentation layer of a Content Management System website. All CMS websites have them. Some templates are free and others cost but the end look will decide what suits you the best.
Joomla CMS
I use Joomla - an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables your Web site to be built using some of the most powerful online applications available. Joomla is free and this significantly reduces the cost and development time, providing you with a custom website, at a fraction of a fully custom price.
Web Design Services
I design your website so that it works for you! I can offer to build you a website designed to suit your budget. I will listened carefully to your ideas and take your web design idea from a dream to a reality.
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  • Welcome to Keimos!
  • The Design Process
  • Working with Templates
  • Joomla CMS
  • Web Design Services

Website Features

  • Responsive Layout Support
    A responsive layout adapts to the viewing device, whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, allowing for a seamless experience.
  • Front-end Editing
    You are reading through your site's content and see a change you need to make. Just login to the site and simply click and edit from the frontend.
  • Easy to Develop
    The Joomla! core is just the beginning, the real power is in the way you can customize Joomla. More than 3000 extensions are available to develop your website and broaden its funcionality.
  • Template Management
    Templates in Joomla! are more than a framework for managing your designs but a powerful tool suite for making your site look exactly the way you want.
  • Content Management
    Joomla! is a Content management system at heart and has some seriously great features that make organising and managing your content a breeze. Content creation is made very easy by the inbuilt WYSIWYG editor and allows you to edit content without any knowledge of code.

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